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Model SCI100GM MASH TL-3 Approved

The SCI100GM is a revolutionary speed dependent crash cushion that can vary stopping force to let lighter and slower moving vehicles have a longer ride down distance. Unlike fixed force attenuators, the SCI100GM does not reach maximum stopping force unless the vehicle is traveling at the maximum design speed. Also, after all required NCHRP tests were performed with the same unit, there was only minor damage on one panel during the reverse side impact test. The new panel design is greater than 50% stronger than current designs and showed no damage after test# 3-37 which is the forward side impact test. The SCI100GM was successfully designed for safety, reusability and durability before, during and after impact.

How does it work? The front sled is connected to the rear of the unit by a 1.125" wire rope cable. Upon frontal impact, the unit collapses a shock absorbing cylinder in the rear of the unit which controls the ride down force. When it is time to reset the unit, you detach the cable, pull the unit out, reattach the cable, replace two shear bolts, inspect the unit and you are done. The SCI100GM was engineered specifically for the ease of resetting.


  • A speed dependent system not a fixed force system
  • Longer ride down distances and therefore, lower sustained G forces
  • Side impacts result in
  • Quick resetting of unit
  • Less out of service time
  • Less worker exposure

Cost Benefits

  • Under design impacts, there should be very few parts that need to be replaced which will provide dramatic savings
  • Labour savings from quick resetting time
  • Many side impacts will require only an inspection
  • New tapered design eliminates side panel binding on frontal impacts which reduces damage


  • The new Cable and Cylinder arrangement allows longer ride down distances of any vehicle that has less mass or speed than our maximum design criteria. It is reusable and usually, only needs two shear bolts and the front panel replaced upon frontal impacts.
  • The stronger side panel profile is over 50% stronger than curved profiles. This profile allows the edges to be bevelled to reduce snagging potential and damage on reverse direction impacts. The panel is fabricated from 10 gauge, 60 ksi minimum yield steel with a G90 galvanized coating.
  • The support gussets behind the panels prevent snagging caused by the creation of a gap from panel deformation on reverse side impacts.
  • The side guides will not be damaged from side impacts at design speeds and vehicle weights. Also, they allow the support frames to be individually replaced if they become damaged.
  • The new roller guide design on front sled provides smooth, aligned collapse of the system through reduction of snagging, friction and binding
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